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Mary, An Inspiration To Faith, pt.3

WHO FOLLOWS MARY TODAY? Christians and Muslims both revere Mary as a marvellous figure, a woman of immaculate character. But who follows her example? Who acts and looks more like Mary? The majority of her people, the Children of Israel, rejected and slandered Mary and rejected the Prophethood of Jesus, peace be upon him. Rather…


Mary, An Inspiration To Faith, pt.2

HUMAN PAIN AND THE WISDOM OF ALLAH Before we continue Mary’s story of timeless beauty, let us pause to think about an important aspect of her inspiring story. We may wonder why, despite her piety and devotion to Allah, was Mary tested with such physical and emotional pain? Pain, in fact, is taken in today’s…


#AKReacts – Value of Life

Whoever kills an innocent life, it as if he has killed the entire humanity. (Al-Maidah: 32) It was narrated from ‘Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Just before the Hour, there will be days when knowledge will disappear, ignorance will become widespread and there will be much Harj. And Harj means killing.” (Sunan…